HQD Cuvie Box 5000 Puffs


The HQD Cuvie Box is a revolutionary disposable vape device with 11 flavors as well as lasting with more than 5000 puffs!

HQD Cuvie Box Disposable Vape 

The HQD brand offers users many disposable product options with different breath counts and flavor types. Disposable “HQD Cuvie Box Vapes” models of the Hqd brand are produced with the highest quality for your best experience. You can choose the taste and flavor you want in different aromas among these models.

HQD Box 5000 Puffs

The HQD cuvie disposable vape is an improved version of the HQD Cuvie ULTIMATE disposable vape device. This potent device has a 650mAh rechargeable battery and can withstand more than 5000 puffs! Your taste buds will go wild from the authentic flavors that the mesh coil produces. The extremely rich flavors of HQD’s e-liquid set them apart from the competition. It has a stylish box design that is comfortable in the hand and is simple to carry! With the HQD Cuvie Box disposable vape pod system, it’s difficult to go wrong according to most user’s HQD Cuvie Box vape reviews.

Cuvie Box Models 

Hqd brand, which is a successful and global brand, offers many “disposable” product options to users with different breath counts and flavor types. We have listed the disposable models of the Hqd brand below for you. You can choose the taste and flavor you want in different, exotic and fresh aromas from these models.

Cuvie Box  

People are drawn to disposables because they are seeking flavors that will pique their interest. The king of flavors, HQD Cuvie Plus, offers 45 delectable flavors. Since each is genuine and delicious, it is clear why many repeat customers consistently order different flavors.

The flavor selection is flexible and can accommodate the individual tastes of every vaper. You have a choice of flavors that are hot, sour, fruity, sweet, and tangy. The list includes flavors suitable for a variety of climates, seasons, and landscapes.

HQD Cuvie Plus Specs & features can be listed as; 

Battery – 650 Mah

11 mind-blowing flavors

More than 5500 puffs

Wattage range – 7w to 12w

50mg/ml concentration

15ml e-juice capacity

Cuvie Box 

A brand-new disposable vape known as the HQD Cuvie Box has become increasingly popular in recent years. This bar has a modern design and is constructed from strong, high-quality materials. The disposable Bar vape is unquestionably a device to take into consideration if you’re looking to expand your collection of disposable gadgets.

The HQD Cuvie Box  is made from sturdy metals and plastics, unlike other types of bars that might be constructed from subpar materials. This makes it a fantastic option for those seeking a durable bar.

The HQD Cuvie Box has a sleek design, which is its second feature. You now have a great option to enjoy vaping because of this.

HQD Cuvie Box Flavors 

There are more than ten different flavor cartridges included for HQD Curvie box flavors; 

Apple Peach

Black Ice


Kiwi Straberry Ice

Lush Ice

Mango Ice

Pineapple Ice

Purple Rain


Sky Mint

Straberry Banana

HQD Cuvie Box Prices 

HQD Cuvie Box Prices  are starting at $22.45. A disposable vape pen with a 650mah battery and more than 5500 puffs is called the HQD Cuvie. It has an extremely strong flavor. Pick one of the ten flavors that you enjoy the most.

FAQ: Cuvie Box 

How many puffs are in an HQD Cuvie Box?

The number of puffs for HQD Cuvie Box puffs are quite high. If you want a satisfying vaping experience that won’t break the bank, a Cuvie Box is definitely worth looking into. It can typically produce around 5500 puffs per fill. 

How much nicotine is in the HQD Cuvie Box?

If you ask ‘’How much nicotine is in the HQD Cuvie Box?‘’ the answer is nicotine content per HQD Cuvie Box vape is 5% (50 mg/ml). It is extremely flavorful and has over 5500 puffs. 

Where can I buy HQD Cruvie Box vape near me?

If you live in Miami and Florida, we bring you together with HQD Cuvie Box, a successful and high quality electronic cigarette brand, with our same day delivery option. If you are thinking ”Where can I buy HQD Cuvie Box vape near me?”, you can visit MrSmokey online store.


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