HQD Cuvie Maya 6000 Puffs


The HQD Cuvie Maya is a revolutionary disposable vape device with 10 flavors as well as lasting with more than 6000 puffs!

The largest disposable HQD vape yet! 6000 Puffs!

Do you need a disposable electronic cigarette that will last all day? The HQD Cuvie Maya is the only place to look. This incredible little device offers puffs of salt nicotine e-juice with a 5% strength, making it ideal for anyone seeking a strong and satisfying hit. The HQD Cuvie Maya is perfect for traveling due to its small size and stylish design. This disposable vape will satisfy your nicotine cravings without making you feel heavy whether you’re going to the office or the gym.

HQD Cuvie Maya Disposable Vape 

One of HQD products top vaping products is the HQD Cuvie Maya. Each vaping device offers more than 6000 mouthwatering, rich flavor puffs. Additionally, there are a variety of delicious flavors and models to choose from. 

HQD Cuvie Maya Features

Features of the disposable HQD Cuvie Maya 6000 puffs:

Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity of 16mL

550mAh Internal Battery

Nicotine Strength of 5%

Heating Element in Mesh

The equivalent of 6000 puffs

USB Type-C Port

HQD Cuvie Maya 

HQD Cuvie Maya Bar vape differs from the HQD Cuvie Plus disposable vape, which is a cutting-edge device with a 950mAh battery capacity and a lifespan of more than 6000 puffs! However, the Cuvie Maya is the most recent model of electronic cigarette that vaporizes nicotine by heating it up in a metal cartridge. According to reports, this new device has a longer battery life and is more effective than other varieties of e-cigarettes.

HQD Cuvie Maya Flavors 

HQD Cuvie Maya flavors offers a variety of flavors that are sure to please any user’s palate. The device is also simple to clean, allowing you to maintain a clean and organized vaping environment.

Mango Peach,

Lush Ice,


Lemon Mint,

Strawberry Mango,

Blue Raspberry, 

Black Ice,

Blueberry Lemonade,


Ice Mint, 


HQD Cuvie Maya Prices 

For vapers looking for an affordable option, HQD Cuvie Maya vapes  are a popular selection. Disposable Pod Device HQD Cuvie Maya Prices – Starting at $23.45 – 1 Pack – Quick Ship.

FAQ About Cuvie Maya

How many puffs are in an HQD Cuvie Maya?

How many puffs are in an HQD Cuvie Maya, you might wonder. The  HQD Cuvie Maya uses a prefilled salt nicotine e-liquid, has a 6000 puff capacity, 5% nicotine strength, and is prefilled with 16mL nicotine salts, so that’s the answer.

How much nicotine is in HQD Cuvie Maya? 

Salt nicotine in 5% nicotine strength is available in HQD Cuvie Maya disposable vape products. The other HQD disposable electronic cigarettes have nicotine strengths of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The most affordable nicotine strength is 0 mg, which is ideal for those looking to cut back on their nicotine intake or for those who are trying out e-cigarettes for the first time. The 3 mg nicotine level is perfect for people who want to enjoy a moderate amount of nicotine without sacrificing the flavor and effects of a great puff disposable vape. For those who prefer a high dose of nicotine, the 6 mg nicotine level is the most expensive choice.

How to recharge HQD Cuvie Maya?

You need to charge your device before using the HQD Cuvie Maya vape. Simply connect a USB cable to a power source using the port on the side of your vape to accomplish this (for example: your computer). Wait about 5 minutes after plugging it in for your vape to finish charging (the LED light will turn from red to green when charged). When the battery is full, you can start moving!

For best results, inhale slowly when smoking according to the HQD Cuvie Maya vape reviews.

Where can I buy HQD Cuvie Maya vape near me?

With our same-day delivery option, we connect residents of Miami and Florida with HQD Cuvie Box, a popular and high-quality electronic cigarette brand. ‘Where can I buy HQD Maya vape near me?” is a question you can visit MrSmokey online store.



Black Ice, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Lemonade, Grape, Ice Mint, Kiwi Strawberry Ice, Lemon Mint, Lush Ice, Mango Peach, Mr.Smokey, Rainbow, Strawberry Mango


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