Pacha Syn 4500 Puffs (Wholesale Bricks)


Each brick of product has 10 pieces. Quantity column shows number of bricks.
The Pacha Syn 4500 is a US labeled disposable vape device with 8 flavors as well as lasting with more than 4500 puffs!

Pacha Syn Disposable Vape 

Pacha Syn 4500 stands out among Pacha Syn products with its rechargeability, large liquid capacity, long-term use and high breath rate. Plus, the wide variety of flavors also sets it apart from the competition. Here is the detailed review of the beloved product Pacha 4500 Vapes.

Pacha Syn 4500 Vapes

Pacha 4500 Vapes have highly advanced technical features. The battery capacity of the product is extremely large. The 850 mAH of battery capacity is rechargeable. The e-liquid capacity is also very high. For this reason, it is a product that lasts up to 4500 puffs and offers very long-lasting use.

Size: 18 x 101mm, it is possible to carry the product with you everywhere. The product has a nicotine content of 5%. This rate, which is not harmful, is quite satisfactory.

Pacha Syn 4500 Puffs

The Pacha Syn 4500 model has 4500 Puffs. This is due to a large amount of e-liquid capacity. The product, which can hold 12 milliliters of e-liquid, has a very high number of puffs and the charge can also be used for a long time.

Pacha Syn 4500 Flavors

Pacha Syn 4500 comes in many flavors. It is possible to choose from these flavors. The product has refreshing flavor options such as Menthol and Ice, on the other hand, it has both rare and fruity flavors such as Fuji Apple.

Pacha Syn 4500 Prices

Pacha Syn 4500 prices differ according to flavors, therefore, there is no fixed price.


How many puffs are in a Pacha Syn 4500?

There are 4500 puffs in a Pacha Syn 4500.

How much nicotine is in Pacha Syn 4500 Puffs?

The Pacha Syn 4500 model has a nicotine content of 5%.

Can Pacha Syn 4500 Puffs be charged?

Yes, the Pacha Syn 4500 is rechargeable. You can reuse the product by charging it.

How to recharge Pacha Syn 4500 Puffs?

Charging the Pacha Syn 4500 is very easy. Connect the product to your computer with the USB cable. The light turns on while charging.

Where can I buy Pacha Syn 4500 vape near me?

You can find Pacha Syn 4500 model in all Mr Smokey’s. You can visit our website to reach Pacha Syn 4500 and other Pacha Syn models. Fast delivery is provided for the product.



Black Menthol, Blood Orange, Fuji Apple, Grape Ice, Grapple Berry, Mr.Smokey, Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, White Peach Ice


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