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    Bang XXL Disposable Vapes

    Electronic cigarette models are quite comprehensive. These products, which give the pleasure of traditional cigarettes, are less harmful and offer a more enjoyable experience with different flavors. Electronic cigarettes stand out with their battery and evaporation components. It is a very compact and sophisticated technology. Models in electronic cigarettes vary according to the way of use. For this reason, you must do extensive research to discover the right one for you.

    The technical details are as important as the price during research. Although prices of electronic cigarettes vary according to their quality, as in many other products, it is possible to reach both affordable and high-quality electronic cigarettes.

    Bang XXL Models

    Bang vape is a very popular model. Although there are few sub-models of this product, this sub-model is designed to appeal to a general audience. Bang XXL 2000 puffs is a rechargeable product with a capacity of 2000 puffs. It is available in different flavors. A descriptive list of the product’s technical details can be found below.

    Bang XXL 2000 puffs

    Bang XXL 2000 puffs is technically a highly successful product. This integrated product is lightweight, fast to use, and has a low capacity. However, it is rechargeable and long-lasting.

    Technical Features:

    •       Puffs: 2000
    •       Chargeable: YES
    •       Battery Capacity (mAH): 800
    •       Power Range (W): 7-12
    •       Input Voltage (V):3.7 V
    •       E-liquid Capacity(ml) : 1.6
    •       Concentration (mg/ml): 50
    •       Resistance: 1.2
    •       Nic % : 5


    •       Bubblegum Ice
    •       Cool mint
    •       Gummy Bear
    •       Honeydew Melon Ice
    •       Mango Guava
    •       Strawberry Ice Cream
    •       Watermelon Lush


    How many puffs are in a Bang XXL?

    Bang XXL vapors include the Bang XXL 2000 model. This model has a capacity of 2000 puffs.

    How much nicotine is in Bang XXL?

    The Bang XXL 2000 puffs contains 5% nicotine, as seen in many other models.

    How to recharge Bang XXL?

    Bang XXL 2000 is a rechargeable model. It features extremely fast charging.

    It is possible to charge the product by connecting the USB cable that you can get with the product to your computer. The light on the body turns on while the product is charging.

    Where can I buy Bang XXL vape near me?

    The closest assistant in your search for electronic cigarettes is Mr. Smokey, anytime and anywhere! Create your order by visiting Mr.Smokey’s website. Choose the model and features you want and enjoy fast delivery.

    Does Bang XXL electronic cigarette smell?

    Electronic cigarettes do not emit the same offensive odors as conventional cigarettes. Instead, they are pleasant and fragrant.