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    • R&M Box Pro 3600 Puffs


      R&M Box Pro Disposable Vape A cooler smoking pleasure awaits you with your favorite electronic cigarette, R&M Box Pro. Let’s get to know the R&M Box Pro 3600 Puffs, which are among the R&M products. Let’s see how many blows this electronic cigarette has, what flavors it comes with and how much nicotine it has….

    R&M Disposable Vapes

    R&M models are amongst the most sought-after items due to the variety of flavors they offer, the high amount of e-liquid they can hold, the battery capacity, the high puff number that allows for extended usage, and the fact that they are rechargeable.

    R&M Models

    R&M Vapes is ideal for those who want a lightweight, long-lasting, easily rechargeable, economical, and accessible product. The R&M Box Model contains a higher amount of nicotine than other similar models on the market.

    R&M Box Pro 3600 puffs

    The R&M Box 3600 has a capacity of 3600 puffs, as the name suggests. The product with a rechargeable battery stands out with its advanced technical features and a range of aromas with different flavors that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

    Technical Features:

    •       Battery Capacity (mAH): 1100
    •       Power Range (W): 7-12
    •       Input Voltage (V):3.7 V
    •       E-liquid Capacity(ml) : 10
    •       Concentration (mg/ml): 50
    •       Resistance: 1.4Ω
    •       Nicotine % : 6

    The product stands out with its aromas that appeal to different tastes. The list of the various flavors is as follows:

    •       Aloe Grape
    •       Blue Raz Ice
    •       Energy Drink
    •       Gummy Bear
    •       Mighty Mint
    •       Mixed Berries
    •       Strawberry Shake


    How many puffs are in an R&M?

    The number of puffs is a decisive detail. Many vape users buy their vapes according to this information. The R&M Box 3600 Puffs model has 3600 Puffs.

    Where can I buy R&M vape near me?

    If you have decided to buy R&M Vapors, Mr. Smokey is your address. Visit our website with a single click and quickly order the product you like by selecting the flavor and features you want.

    Does R&M electronic cigarette smell?

    The fluids used in vapes contain vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring, and trace amounts of nicotine. These ingredients do not create a heavy odor, so it is possible to consume them indoors to meet your nicotine needs.