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    Gippro Disposable Vapes

    Electronic cigarettes are one of the world’s most effective ways to eliminate tobacco cigarette addiction. The vaporization of the liquid in the electronic cigarette allows the aroma, smell, and taste to be taken by the user. Nicotine rates in electronic cigarettes vary. Different alternatives are available for different users.

    Disposable vapes are especially ideal for beginners or those who only want to try the product. The most important feature of this type of product is its affordability. The cost is quite low and provides long service to the user. Gippro Disposable Vapes are also among the most preferred models.

    Gippro Models

    Gippro models are disposable models. They have a smaller liquid capacity, but still, have a relatively large selection of flavors. The nicotine content of the products is 5%, and there are no product options with more or less nicotine. You can take a detailed look at Gippro models:

    Gippro Plus 1600 Puffs

    Gippro 1600 Puffs is a very advantageous disposable model. Being disposable means that it cannot be charged. The product is quite affordable, so it is easily accessible.

    Technical Features:

    •       Puffs: 1600
    •       Chargeable: NO
    •       Battery Capacity (mAH): 950
    •       Power Range (W): 7-12
    •       Input Voltage (V):3.7 V
    •       E-liquid Capacity(ml): 6
    •       Concentration (mg/ml): 50
    •       Resistance: 1.8
    •       Nic % : 5
    •       Size: 19 x 114mm


    •       Banana Ice
    •       Cotton Candy
    •       Grapey Aloe
    •       Honey Lemon
    •       Lush Ice
    •       Mango Strawberry
    •       Melon Ice
    •       Mint Ice
    •       Pineapple Ice
    •       Strawberry
    •       Strawberry Watermelon


    How many puffs are in a Gippro?

    Gippro 1600 Puffs, the most common model of Gippro products, contains 1600 puffs.

    How much nicotine is in Gippro?

    The nicotine content in the Gippro 1600 model is 5%.

    Where can I buy Gippro vape near me?

    To get your gippro vapes as soon as possible, you should visit Mr. Smokey’s webshop. Place your order via the website, and you will receive your product quickly. It is possible to detail all your choices on the website.

    Does Gippro electronic cigarette smell?

    Gippro electronic cigarettes do not release a persistent odor. When the liquid in the electronic cigarette evaporates, its aroma’s smell spreads.