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    Top 5 Reasons to Use Electronic Cigarettes

    Nowadays, many smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking and are trying to reduce or quit smoking altogether. While the number of people who want to get rid of cigarette addiction is increasing day by day, one of the most preferred ways to do this is electronic cigarettes, a new technology product that makes it easier to break away from smoking and makes the process painless and fast. These products can contain nicotine or be completely nicotine-free, and because they are less harmful than cigarettes and contain fewer chemicals, they can enjoy them without harming the user. So why should you use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes, would you like a detailed explanation? Here are the reasons

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    1. Vaping is less harmful than smoking

    Vaping is much less harmful than smoking. This is because the e-liquids in vapes are low-chemical liquids based on vegetable glycerin and water. There are many harmful chemicals that are added to traditional cigarettes to preserve their longevity or to increase addiction. None of these chemicals are found in electronic cigarettes. Therefore, it is a very reliable statement to say that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

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    2. Vaping doubles the chance of you quitting smoking

    If you want to quit smoking but are not succeeding, it may be time to cut yourself some slack. Vaping is a much more harmless alternative to traditional cigarettes, reducing your smoking and increasing your chances of quitting. You can choose vapes that contain nicotine-free liquids, or you can opt for nicotine-containing products to meet your nicotine needs and quit gradually. Either way, these products are much less harmful as they do not contain the chemicals of traditional cigarettes and double your chances of quitting smoking.

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    3. Using electronic cigarettes is less costly

    Cigarette prices are increasing, especially as governments try to get people to quit smoking. Although cigarettes are already expensive products, annual increases are added to the prices, making them unaffordable. The monthly cost of cigarettes for someone who smokes a pack a day reaches very serious amounts. While this is the case, vapes are much more economical alternatives and reduce costs. These products can be used for a longer period of time and can be considered budget-friendly as they are much cheaper than cigarettes.

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    4. Electronic cigarettes do not smell bad

    One of the most complained about features of traditional cigarettes is the bad odors they cause. This makes both users and the people around them extremely uncomfortable. The persistent odor of cigarettes causes both the believers and the environments they are in to smell uncomfortably bad. The situation is very different with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes use water and glycerin-based liquids. Therefore, they do not have any permanent odor. The smell that electronic cigarettes can emit is only the smell of the aroma of the e-liquid in them. This odor will also disappear from the environment after a very short time. Electronic cigarettes do not cause unpleasant odors.

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    5. The smoke in electronic cigarettes does not harm the other party.

    Cigarettes cause significant harm not only to the user but also to the people around the user. Studies have shown that smokers are less at risk than “passive smokers”. The cigarette smoke emitted by smokers poses a significant threat to the health of the people around them. This poses serious health threats to many children whose parents smoke. At work, in cafes, at home… In short, in all areas of life, cigarette smoke affects everyone around the smoker. Electronic cigarettes are unlikely to cause such damage. As we mentioned earlier, since the e-liquid in it is water-based, you can think that the vapes emit a liquid similar to water vapor.

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