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    What Happens When You Switch to Vaping?

    The use of electronic cigarettes is rapidly spreading all over the world. It is known that the main reasons for the increase in the number of vape users are the hope to quit smoking completely or the desire to take a break from smoking for a while. All these reasons make electronic cigarettes and vapes a good alternative to classic cigarettes.

    These delicious eco-friendly vapes, which allow less nicotine to be consumed, help meet the needs of traditional cigarette smokers by doing something that different alternatives such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches and many different traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy cannot do. Despite all these benefits, e-cigarette users, or those who are just starting out, have a number of questions. Let’s examine the transition to e-cigarettes together!

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    8 HOURS

    By the 8th hour after quitting smoking, the body starts to repair itself and heal the body. You may also notice these effects, however small they may be at first. One of these changes for the better is that the amount of oxygen in your blood returns to normal levels, even if you use e-cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes. This is due to the fact that the vapor from your vape doesn’t contain the same levels of carbon monoxide and waste materials as conventional cigarettes.

    All these events make you feel healthy within a few hours because you have more oxygen in your blood.

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    24 HOURS

    In an effort to be healthy, the body starts to repair itself as soon as you quit classic cigarettes and excretes all the carbon mononoxides that remain in your body within 24 hours of quitting. In addition to all this, your lungs also begin to clear out the many toxic residues and mucus caused by smoking, such as tar. The reason for this activity of the lungs is that you are no longer inhaling toxins from smoking. As you no longer inhale these substances, your body can quickly heal and cleanse itself. In addition, the vapor from your electronic cigarette contains no toxic substances. This helps your lungs to heal.

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    48 HOURS

    If it has been two days (48 hours) since you quit classic cigarettes, you will start to witness much more significant effects. Your body, damaged by conventional cigarettes, will continue to give you positive indicators as you replace your smoking habit with e-cigarettes. Your sense of taste and smell will improve. You may notice that your sense of taste, which was blocked by classic cigarettes, has improved even after 48 hours. Another noticeable positive effect will be the improvement in your sense of smell. You will notice many smells that you miss when smoking traditional cigarettes and you will realize how deep your sense of smell is. As surprising as it may sound when you read this, it is all true because your body is able to repair the receptors in the mouth and nose.

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    72 HOURS

    It’s been 3 days since you quit classic cigarettes? Congratulations, you’re great! Now get ready for many more positive developments. You can see at first glance that your breathing will improve after you quit smoking completely. No longer being exposed to the tar that clogs your bronchial tubes will ensure healthy breathing. As these tubes continue to clear, your breathing and energy levels will inevitably improve.

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    3 TO 9 MONTHS

    From 3 to 9 months after switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you will witness very important developments. Coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing will be greatly reduced or even eliminated. The realization of all these are indicators that your lungs are now healthy. All these changes are the result of your lungs removing toxic substances and completely eliminating the damage.

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    5 YEARS

    The negative side effects of smoking on our bodies are largely long-term. These include the risk of cancer, heart attacks and blocked arteries. However, 5 years after switching to vape, the risk of heart attack caused by smoking will be greatly reduced. Because vapes do not damage your heart cells like regular tobacco products.

    10 YEARS

    After 10 years of replacing regular tobacco products with e-cigarettes, your risk of developing lung cancer will also decrease. This is because the vapor from your e-cigarettes does not contain the carcinogens found in the smoke of other tobacco products.

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